Your Software Development Partner for Complete Platforms, Real-time data streams, Machine Learning, Analytics & AI

Our ML solution built on the top of petabytes of data on real-time streams. A team of developers, solution architects, engineers and UI, specialized in working with startups or internal technical teams of our customers.

With new technologies and tools being introduced at breakneck pace, working with us will keep your costs in check, help you achieve quality outcomes and meet your challenging deadlines


Co-create your projects with us. Our team's experience and expertise can help you get to your targets much faster

Customer Support Contracts

We work with you to create the most cost effective support service to suit your needs

Cloud or Dedicated Stacks

We can help you choose if your requirement is the best served on Amazon, Google or Azure; or on a private/on-premises infrastructure stack

Work with us

Hire as your digital team

We serve your projects from locations spread across Singapore, Bangkok, Karachi, Lahore, London and Helsinki. We are a diverse team of specialists ready for the next challenge

Platform development

With technology progressing every day, enterprises need a strong foundation to underpin their business objectives...

Starting at - $20,000.00

Big Data Engineering

We have built capabilities around Big Data implementation from ETL, data processing, compute, data...

Starting at - $10,000.00

Analytics and Visualisation

We apply advanced analytics to convert your historical and real-time, traditional and big data into insights...

Starting at - $5000.00

Machine Learning / AI has the broadest and deepest set of machine learning and AI services for your business. On behalf of our customers...

Starting at - $16,000.00


Reach out and arrange a call with Vilma Valtonen - Team Helsinki


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